Day in the Life: Ms. Clippard


Julianna Norris

Ms. Clippard stands in front of her bulletin board where her students can find information about their classes.

Myranda Mamat, Staff Writer

Ms. Clippard is one of the youngest teachers at BAHS and she has a lot to show for it. Crazy schedules and even more crazy workouts make up a day in the life of Ms. Clippard.

Wake up time: 6am but if I get up crazy early around 4:30-5:00 a.m.

First thing you do: Get up, get ready for school, grade, and update worksheets

Morning routine: Shower, get dressed, and then leave; Maybe drink coffee

Leave for work: 6:30-6:45

What you do on your way to work: Listen to MPR every morning

When I first get to school: 6:55 I get Bell Questions ready and copies made until homeroom

Lunch time: 11:59, I usually get lunch then go to the teacher’s lounge

What do you do during break: 5th period I usually do adult life things. My friend called me and we talked. I usually grade. Sometimes I go and get Chinese take-out.

3:00: I go and change into my cycling stuff and go to Tipton Mountain and bike usually 30-40 miles. Sometimes I bike to State College or Spruce Creek.

Right after school: 4:00  I run and do adult things like shopping.

What you do after work: When I’m not cycling I go home to eat. I spend time playing with my cat (Noggin) or drive to my friend’s house and hang out there.

What you do at home: I’m never home; just usually to eat and sleep. I watch Netflix. On weekends I clean my house and do adult things.

What time do you eat dinner: I eat whenever, usually I eat at a friend’s house and she makes really good food or I just hang out at my parents and get a free meal. When I cook myself I make really good Kimchi (fried rice and chicken) and sticky buns.

Other stuff you do at home: I bike inside, call and skype my friend, or drive to State College to go grocery shopping.

9:30: Bedtime. Before bed I usually read the bible. Then I usually mess around on my phone.