A day in the Life – Mrs. Stinson


Courtesy photo

Mrs. Stinson always finds time to spend with her family (l to r): Luke, Lainey and husband Matt.

Mrs. Allison Stinson is one of Bellwood Antis’ High School’s math teachers, and she is by far one of the student favorites. Mrs. Stinson is a very busy person, but always makes time to spend with her family.

This is a day in the life of Mrs. Stinson!

5:15- alarm goes off… hit snooze (a couple times)

6:00- wake up/shower

6:15- get dressed/brush teeth/fix hair

6:30- start to wake up my kids, Lainey and Luke

6:35- pack lunches for Lainey and Luke and my husband Matt

6:45- get kids out of bed/dressed/teeth brushed

7:05- grab breakfast (my fav is an RX bar) and out the door to drop kids off at school

7:28- arrive at school

7:30- 3:00- school day (I usually go home for lunch around 11:00)

3-3:00- wrap up daily activities/grade papers/enter grades

3:30- walk to elementary school to pick up Lainey from kindergarten

3:45- with Lainey, go pick up Luke from preschool

4:05- arrive home/talk about the day/get a snack/get ready to go to practice (swimming, tennis, or soccer) depending on the night

4:30- work on Lainey’s homework/play time

5:00 check in with my challenge groups (I am a beach body coach, too)

5:30- if home, start to cook supper

6:00ish- eat supper and then clean up kitchen

7:00- workout… I love when Lainey and Luke join me to exercise… so awesome to see them doing bear crawls (Luke’s favorite) and burpees (Lainey’s favorite)

7:45- bath time for Lainey and Luke

8:15- get Lainey and Lukie dressed for bed and then family time (watch TV, play games, dance party)

8:45-9:30- read books to each of them, tuck them in bed (yes, sometimes it takes that long to get them both asleep)

9:30- sometimes I fall asleep now, too, or talk to my husband about his day, read, grade papers or watch TV

10:00- try to straighten up the house before I go to sleep, read daily news/social media/pray