Sensational Sophomore: Nick Padula


Corbin Nale

Nick drawing for the Blueprint.

This month’s Super Sophomore is an artist of perfection, liking to draw the original, basic shapes, in architecture, seeing the good and not the bad.

He’s the youngest tenth grader, but he is mighty. This month’ s sensational sophomore is Nick Padula.

Nick’s favorite school subjects are Art Appreciation and Driver’s Ed. His favorite art project this year is his Cubism project.

When Nick was a younger he used to draw all day. But now that he is in more after school activities like sports he says, “I Feel like I don’t have enough time anymore.”

Nick’s favorite place to be is at the movies with his friends Makayla Pluebel and Corbin Nale. His other friends are Riley Amerine, Paulino Cueves, and Tylar Clemente.

Nick’s college plans are to go somewhere warm and major in Engineering or Law.