Latest middle school students of the week announced


Brooke Beichler

Michael Hostler, Dominic Caracciolo, Tyler Mercer, Connor Cobaugh and Dylan barr are the most recent middle school Students of the Week.

Brooke Beichler, Staff Writer


This week’s middle school Students of the Week were chosen for their hard work and determination.

Connor Cobaugh, fifth grade, was chosen by the fifth grade teachers “because he is a pleasure to have in class, a great academic student and always completes given assignments.”

Sixth grader Michael Hostler was nominated by the sixth grade teachers “because he is a hard worker, participates in class, and has a positive attitude.”

Dominic Caracciolo and Tyler Mercer were both selected by the seventh grade teachers “because they put forth great academic performance, they have both achieved 100% on their science project and they are respectful and well behaved.”

Finally, eighth grader Dylan Barr was nominated by the Eighth Grade Team “because he has a great attitude and class participation. He is also respectful, cooperative, and a hardworking student.”

Congratulations to all five students!