Mrs. Chamberlin releases Window to the Past


Anson Jones

Mrs. Chamberlain recently published a new book on Amazon.

Troy Walker, Staff Writer

Mrs. Amy Chamberlin is widely known for her help with Relay for Life and her work as a secretary in the Bellwood-Antis High School office.

Recently, Mrs. Chamberlin expanded her horizons and published another book titled Window to the Past.

Mrs. Chamberlin took a different approach to get her book published, because while many authors go through a publishing house, she had her book published through Amazon. You can view the book and purchase a copy here.

When you go through a publisher you basically lose the rights to your work. Through Amazon, I can keep control of my book.

— Mrs. Chamberlin

“When you go through a publisher you basically lose the rights to your work. Publishers also have the right to change or remove any part of your work.  Through Amazon I can keep control of my book,” said Mrs. Chamberlin.

The process of getting a book published through Amazon can be fairly easy, but very time consuming.  First, you need to make sure the book is finished and formatted with a cover page, copyright page, and page numbers.  Then you need to establish who the work belongs to, the genre, the title, what countries it will be sold in, the price, and ISBN number.

Afterwards, it takes about 72 hours for the book to be established. You can also choose to publish a paper covered book as well.

This isn’t Mrs. Chamberlin’s first book.  She published one children’s book through her own publishing company, “Amyzing Books,” and she has published several poems.

Mrs. Chamberlin said that she has had passion for writing since she was in elementary school.

“I loved to write,” said Mrs. Chamberlin.

Mrs. Chamberlin isn’t the only one in her family involved in the writing and publishing process. Her daughter, Mrs. Amanda Koozer, who is the main office secretary at Myers Elementary, played a vital role in the process of publishing the book, and she loved it.

“I love working with my mom.  She and I are very close and we tend to feed off of each other’s energy,” said Mrs. Koozer.  “We think along the same line a lot of the time, so we understand each other well.  The funny part about working with my mom is that neither of us are very patient when it comes to waiting for a process to complete. For example, even though it only took about 12 hours for her book to be approved, it felt like days to us.  I am not sure who checked the site more often that evening!”

Amy Chamberlin has established herself not only as an office secretary, but one of the real go-getters in the District.