B-A Class of 1973 searching for old Hylites


The Class of 1973 is looking for old editions of the Hylite. (Julia Johnson)

Payton Martin, Staff Writer

The class of 1973 is organizing its 50th reunion this summer and is in search of the old Bellwood-Antis newspaper known as the Hylite for their 50th reunion.

In the 1930’s when Bellwood-Antis was formed, the school newspaper was known as the Hylite. In 2010 it was  changed into the Blueprint. The BluePrint went online in 2014 and began being shared on social media.

Before digital media, having the newspaper was like a keepsake for graduating classes or any class to remember their high school years.

Cynthia Reeder is helping organize the reunion and is politely asking if anybody has old Hylites on hand. She and the reunion organizers thought it would be fun to have copies on hand for alumni to read and take a walk down memory land.

Not only would it be a nice gesture for the Class of ’73, but it would mean a lot to the BluePrint. Advisor Mr. Naylor says, “I would love to see it, not just for the reunion but for the history of our publication. So if anybody does have some old Hylites, please let us know. Whether you would like to donate them to our archives or have us use them to create a copy, we’d love to see them.”

After going through BluePrint archives in search of Hylite copies, Mr. Naylor found that there was indeed an extensive library dating back as far as 1938, but it is incomplete. From the 1970s, for example, only four copies remain.

If anybody who has a copy of the Hylite from ’72-’73 and is kind enough to bring it to the high school in care of the 1973 Class Reunion or contact either Cynthia Reeder at [email protected] or Mr. Naylor at [email protected]. It would mean a lot to everyone involved.