Teacher Appreciation Week celebrated at Bellwood-Antis


Kerry Naylor

Mr. Hughes is one of the teachers students appreciate for his willingness to go the extra mile.

Collin Matthews, Staff Writer

This week at Bellwood-Antis is Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teacher’s can dress down all week and the renaissance club is giving teachers refreshment and snacks that they ordered last week.

If your confused about what teacher appreciation week is it is about celebrating our educators and thanking them for the work they do and all the sacrifices he make week in and week out to make learning fun.

“Teachers should be appreciated because they understand us,” said senior Mara Bollinger. “Like Mrs. Auberzinski, who lets us color in history class because she knows it’s senior year and we won’t be able to color in class again.”

Peter Orona said he appreciates teachers for everything they go through in class every day.

“They teach us things we can use in the future and put up with our bogusness,” he said, “like Mr. Webreck putting up with our random shop projects.”

Abby McGuire said she appreciates Mr. Rhone for his patience.

“Teachers take the time to teach us valuable information,” she said. “Mr. Rhone makes class entertaining and makes sure everyone understands the material before moving on.”

If you need any ideas about what to do for your teacher here are somethings you could do, write them a card, give them a snack or try to restock anything in the classroom.

Thank you teachers for all that you do!