Just Junior: Lexi Gerwert


Mikala McCracken

Lexi Gerwert is this months Just Junior.

How hard will you work for a desire? How hard will you work for a district title? Well Lexi Gerwert, 11th grader, will break her record of 10.6 and get a height higher than 11. She also plans to achieve a 3rd district title this year.

Lexi has had a good year so far, so why not make it better?

Last season for Lexi was a downfall. She says “I was trying to recover from my back surgery.” Even with the surgery, Lexi was able to stay consistent with the same height. “This year not only do I want to say consistent but also set new personal records throughout the season.”

After school, Lexi plans to continue in her education and in her track career. “I am unsure where I want to go, but as of right now I want to major in neuroscience.”