Fab Freshman: Sebastian Geyer


This week’s Fab Freshman Feature is Sebastian Geyer aka C-Bass, as he is known to his friends.  He is the kind of guy who you love to be around because he caring, funny, and really loves to cook.

Originally being from Tucson, Arizona, Sebastian moved here when he was younger. He says his favorite thing about Bellwood is the school as a whole.

Though Sebastian would describe himself as “sad and lonely,” other students know him for his lunch habits. His favorite lunch is macaroni and cheese, but he will eat anything and everything. One of Sebastian’s lunch monitors, Mr. Naylor, says “the cafeteria could run out of food and only have the condiment bar and he would be completely full just from the toppings.”

Sebastian participates in FFA and he loves it!  This class is super beneficial to his future career choice of being an Agriculture Mechanics Teacher.

“The reason that I like FFA is because it has to deal with agriculture,” said Sebastian. “In FFA I am mainly just known for my hard work.”