Twirling team named Atlantic Champions


Courtesy photo

The Starlight Twirlers out of Tyrone, which features three standouts from B-A in Drina Jones, Danielle Coakley and Dionna Pearce, recently captured the Atlantic Cost championship.

Myranda Mamat, Staff Writer

Two weeks ago three BAHS students – Dionna Pearce, Danielle Coakley, and Drina Jones – won first place honors competing in Wildwood, New Jersey for twirling with the Tyrone Star-Lite Twirling group.

The team was named Atlantic Champions in Independent Regional A Finals.

Junior Dionna Pearce, says it takes a lot of hard work and trust to be a good twirling team.

“Hard work really goes into twirling. It’s important to create the appearance of only ‘one’ twirler, meaning we work to hit each count the same and have the same height to our tosses,” she said. “Trust is the next important thing. Trust that each of your partners at different points of the routine will be there and that any baton being thrown to you will be on the mark so that it doesn’t hurt you or any other twirlers. Every twirler has to be dedicated to the team. Everyone has an important part to play.”

Every twirler has to be dedicated to the team. Everyone has an important part to play.

— Dionna Pearce

Competition was hard, but the Star-Lite Twirling team competed till the end.

“There were six different teams in our division, including us, on Thursday, who all preformed. Only the top four advances onto Saturday’s Final competition. Tyrone Star-lite Twirlers were ranked 2nd at this time. Then when finals where held on Saturday the four teams took the floor, the Tyrone Star-lite Twirlers were announced as the Atlantic Coast Champions in the Independent Regional A division,” said Pearce.

Coakley, a junior, said being named Atlantic Champions is an experience she will never forget.

“This season was long and hard. We put so much time and effort into competitions and I really enjoyed the entire experience. With this being our first year competing, winning at Wild Woods was an incredible experience that I definitely won’t forget,” she said.  “I remember the excitement that morning and remember I wasn’t nervous beforehand until right when we got on the floor.  Then it kind of hit that this was the last time we would perform this routine and that we had to give it all of our heart and soul.”

Although there are no more competitions available this year for the team, Pearce says she is looking forward to next season more than ever.

“All teams will start over with all new routines and shows. We will work hard to prepare for competitions to hold our position next year as well,” she said.

Winning a title of this magnitude is emotional for everyone involved.

“All three of our instructors cried and i felt very proud that we finally proved to everyone that we were worth watching.  Our proud parents, friends, and family were the most emotional part.  They were so happy and everyone cried it was just such a wonderful moment.  With this season finished, I’m sad to say it’s over but I am excited for next season to come and to get back to Wild Woods,” said Coakley.