Just Junior- Shayla Branstetter


This weeks Just Junior is Shayla Branstetter. You may know her around school as the girl who’s always hyper and laughing.  Outside of school her favorite thing to do is ride her Zuma, hang out with friends and go to track.

Shayla sees herself as being caring and friendly to everyone she meets. “Me and her are really alike, and she’s just a really nice person. It’s just easy to get along with a nice person,” said Junior Rachel Wertz. Rachel Wertz and Ali Dumin are some of her closest friends in her junior class. “I like my junior class because we all get along, and I like to see all of my friends every day!” Said Shayla.

Senora Smith and Mrs. Adams are my favorite teachers because you can talk to them about anything and they like to help.” She said. “My favorite class memory would be going to El Campeseno for Spanish club with Senora Smith.”