B-A seniors earn over $50,000 in scholarships


Rick Schreier

B-A seniors did well for themselves at Monday’s Awards Recognition.

Jason Shade, Staff Writer

This past Monday the 30th Annual Achievement Recognition and Scholarship Banquet was held at the Bellwood-Antis High School gymnasium.

A total of $56,500 in scholarships was given out thanks to the generosity of many benefactors in and around the Bellwood-Antis community.

Stephanie Mills came out with seven scholarships totaling $4,000. She also received District and Regional Chorus awards.

Kenna Willson-Kerns went home with the highest paying scholarship, earning the Bruno DeGol, Sr. Memorial Scholarship worth $5,000.

Here is a list of all the scholarships that were handed.

$250 South Hills School of Business & Technology Scholarship- Haley McCloskey

$250 STAR Team Scholarships- Abigail Luensmann and Michaela Miller

$250 Track and Field Scholarships- Stephanie Mills and Jarett Taneyhill

$250 French Club Scholarship-Zhenni Liang

$250 B-A Alummi Scholarship-Paige Heater and Stephanie Mills

$250 Blue and Gold Scholarship- Adam Bowers, Ben Martin, Ryan Kerns, and Devon Zheng

$500 B-A Class of 1983 Scholarship- Jarryd Kissell

$500 Helping Hands Scholarship- Michaela Miller

$500 RSM Scholarship- Stephanie Mills

$500 Choral Scholarship- Stephanie Mills

$500 Musical Scholarship- Grace Misera

$500 B-A Class of ’72-Abigail Boutiller

$500 Blair County Bar Association Scholarship- Jarryd Kissell

$500 B-A Band Scholarship-Kaitlyn Hamer and Amanda Baldwin

$500 Caracciolo Sheet and Metal Scholarship-Brendan Kowalski

$500 Bellwood-Antis Community Choir Scholarship- McKenna Mayers and Addison Clemente

$500 David C. Heiler, II Memorial Scholarship-Myranda Mamat

$500 Beard Legal Group Academic Scholarship- Kayln Sines

$500 M&T Bank Scholarship-Saige McElwain

$500 Bellwood-Antis Knights of Columbus Scholarship- Arlana McCracken

$500 Lions Club Scholarship- Stephanie Mills

$500 B-A Class of ’64 Scholarship-Jarryd Kissell

$500 B-A Historical Soceity Scholarship-Jarryd Kissell

$500 Jean Harker Memorial Scholarship- Joey Padula

$500 First Commonwealth Bank Scholarship- Ashley Hertenstein

$500 DJB Scholarship- Angel Ash

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club- Sawyer Kilne

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club (in memory of Howard Walker) – Ryen Beam

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club (in memory of Harlod Wagner) – Ben Martin

$500 Thomas Otto Family Scholarship- Abigail Luensmann

$500 Darrin G. Watters memorial Scholarship- Thomas Whiteford

$500 Captain James “Whitey” Stephens Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by the Class of ’60) – Pheobe Potter

$500 Linette Allen Memorial Scholarship- Kalyn Sines and Alexus Miller

$500 Bud Grazier Memorial Scholar (sponsored by BA Youth Football League) – Ethan McGee and Alexus Miller

$500 Fraternal Order of Egail Scholarships – Alanna Leidig and Ryan Moore

$500 B-A Class of 1984 – Michael Cherry and Stephanie Mills

$750 Mary Jane Barr Memorial Scholarship – Joey Padula

$750 BAEA Scholarship – Sarah Knisely

$750 Bellwood-Antis PTO Scholarships – Jake Hoover and Tierra Mahute

$750 United Veterans Club Scholarships Aaron Andrews and Jordan McCraken

$1,000 Himes Family Scholarship – Michael Cherry

$1,000 Dennis L. McCellan Sr. Memorial Scholarship – Jarrett Taneyhill

$1,000 Dr. & Mrs. Christopher McCellan Scholarship – Amanda Baldwin

$1,000 Richard McEldowney Memorial Scholarships – Michael Cherry and Haley McCloskey

$1,000 DelGrosso Foods Inc. Scholarship – Karson Swogger

$1,000 Thelma Rittenhouse Scholarships – Payge Heater and Tanner George

$1,000 Darlene Carter Memorial Scholarship – Addison Clemente

$1,000 Duane Hollen Memorial scholarship – Ben Martin

$1,000 Thelma Fowler Memorial Scholarships – Sawyer Kline and Gabriella Zuiker

$1,500 Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarship – Nevin Wood

$1,500 Mrs. Corrie Fisher Memorial Scholarship – Zhenni Liang

$1,500 David W. Lewis Family Scholarship – Devon Zheng

$1,500 Harshman Family Scholarship – Ryan Kerns

$1,500 Class of ’44 Scholarships – Adam Bowers and Stephanie Mills

$2,500 Hostler Memorial Scholarships – Jarryd Kissell and Abigail Luensmann

$5,000 Bruno DeGol, Sr. Memorial Scholarship – Kenna Willson-Kerns