Parking lot blues

Seniors grapple with policy that no longer gives them exclusive parking rights


Sidney Patterson, Editor in Chief

In years past, one of the many highlights of senior year was the beloved parking pass.

The power of the tag hanging on your mirror guaranteed you a spot in the lot. For those seniors, nothing could mean more than an extra wink of sleep and no more rush from home thanks to a reserved spot in the lot.

This privilege was terminated for the 2017-2018 school year when B-A ended the policy of giving seniors preferences for parking passes. Now, everyone can obtain a parking pass, but there are only 37 spots in the parking lot, so it’s first-come first-serve.

High school principal Mr. Richard Schreier said there were complaints last year about the parking situation that prompted the change.

“Last year there were a number of complaints on how we gave out only a certain amount of parking passes (to seniors only),” said Mr. Schreier. “This year, students who are determined to get a spot in the lot are those who will get up early enough to get there.”

Mr. Schreier also addressed the effects of having a small lot.

“Lack of space is not something that we’re unaware of,” he said. “Expanding parking has never really been a goal or an issue.”

Seniors were not happy about the change.

“I feel that having many more parking passes than available spots isn’t a good idea,” said senior Colin Younker. “Some people are awful at parking in a spot.”

However, the change has proven successful thus far.

All of the senior classes in the past have had the advantage of a parking pass. When the time came for it to be ours, it got changed.

— Colin McCaulley

“I will say this,” said high school principal Mr. Richard Schreier. “I’ve noticed when I do go into the lot there are many available unnumbered spots. Maybe there are fewer people driving, but the real influx hits at the end of the year when we have a potential two and a half grade levels driving.”

Still, many seniors at B-A feel the new parking situation is not ideal.

“I think it’s unfair to the seniors this year that it was changed,” said senior Colin McCaulley. “All of the senior classes in the past have had the advantage of a parking pass. When the time came for it to be ours, it got changed.”

Senior Max DeArmitt agrees.

“I don’t think that they should’ve sold more passes than spots,” said DeArmitt. “It makes kids come to school just as early as they would if they didn’t have a pass.”

The real question lies in whether or not there is an underlined entitlement as a senior to have a guaranteed parking space each morning.

“At first I was angry, but as I pull up to the lot in the morning there are still empty spots, so I don’t mind it,” said senior Jake Miller.