Scholastic scrimmage team opens strong


Kathy Taylor

Dan Kustaborder practices with a Scholastic Scrimmage buzzer in preparation of the team’s next meet.

Noah Plank, Staff Writer

Last week Bellwood-Antis’ Scholastic Scrimmage team started its newest season.

At the Altoona IU8, B-A saw itself against the likes of Claysburg-Kimmel, Williamsburg, and Bishop Guilfoyle. The teams competed in what could simply be summarized as an intense large scale-game of trivial pursuit. They competed against one another to see who could answer more question correctly, ranging over a multitude of categories.

Once the game starts that nervousness and doubt, start to set in, like when the teacher calls on you to answer a question in class but you weren’t paying attention. Imagine that but instead of a minute or two of embarrassment, you just possibly lost a game for your school.

As many people from the scrimmage admit, they feel afraid to buzz in and say something wrong. Remember that they also have to hit the buzzer first to answer the question. It’s a storm of conflicting emotions, but they will brace then storm and work their way through it. They have been doing this since the 7th grade, after all.

While B-A was able to beat the teams of Claysburg-Kimmel and Williamsburg, it could not hold itself against Bishop Guilfoyle. giving their first scrimmage a 2/3 record.

“I thought we could have done better,” said senior Braden Heisler. “We need to improve on answering questions more quickly.”

Robert VanKirk felt the team just needed to stay thew course.

“I think we did well,” he said. “We have some areas to improve on, but we’ll be fine.”

The team consists of Heisler, VanKirk, Hannah Hornberger, Philip Chamberlin, Paulino Cuevas, Daniel Kustaborder, Caden Nagle, and Nathan Wolfe .

The Brains of Bellwood will be competing next week, October 10, where they will again compete against Tyrone, Northern Bedford, Hyndman, and Bedford.