THE POWER OF THREE: Strange traditions


Kaelynn Behrens

The Power Of Three

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

Everyone knows the world is a very strange place. We have very different traditions we follow. Some even have none. Here are some over-the-top traditions that may or may not get you injured or even killed…

Fireworks War-Chios, Greece

This one seems like it could be a lot of fun, but very dangerous. A church in Greece, yes a church, has two rival teams, shooting fireworks at each other. This tradition is held on Easter Sunday, while a service is in session. More than 25,000 rockets are used and 150 people help to fire them off. Who wouldn’t love getting fireworks shot at them? They do it for fun.

Onbashira-Tokyo, Japan

This tradition happens every six years. Some say this has happened for over 1200 years. This seems like a really dangerous. Onbashira means “The Honored Pillars”. You ask me, I think it is a death wish. Although, they probably feel the same way about us and I don’t disagree.

New Year’s-Dive-Siberia, Russia

This is the world’s deepest lake/fresh water reserve, Baikal. It reaches close to 5,390 ft. Divers cut a hole through the ice, then descend 40 meters. One specific diver carries the tree to the bottom of the lake, plant it, and then dances around it. This tradition had been happening since 1982. Even though these are trained divers, it is still dangerous.