FAB FRESHMAN: Mikayla Rodland


Courtesy photo

Mikayla Rodland is finishing up her freshman year.

This week’s Fab Freshmen is Mikayla Rodland.

Mikayla is a cheerleader for B-A, which she has been doing for 8 years. Other than that she is in the home economics.

Her best friends are Kaitlyn Robinson and Hannah Williams.

She says that she likes the high school because she doesn’t receive lots of homework, wich allows her to focus more on things that are going on in her life, like cheerleading or family events.

Mikayla’s favorite subject in school is math.

She says that her mother is her role model because she has taught her to never give up on her goals in life.

Her friends appreciate her company and personality,

“Mikayla has a bubbly, inviting personality and is a trustworthy friend,” Kaitlyn said.

She has also been noted for her dependability.

“Mikayla has been one of my best friends since the beginning and for that she deserves an award. All else fails I know I can count on her,” Hannah says.