FCA reaches 1,000 cereal boxes for St. Vincent DePaul


Courtesy photo

FCA members Tanner Worthing, Dylan Wilson, Jordan Moore, Chris Wertman and Max DeArmitt helped deliver 1,000 cereal boxes to the food pantry.

Leah Farber, Staff Writer

The Bellwood-Antis Fellowship of Christian Athletes used a late rally to break quadruple digits in their annual cereal drive.

Courtesy photo
FCA members Shayla Branstetter, Carlee Gathagan, Kaitlyn Knisely, and Dustin Miller load the truck with cereal boxes.

This year Bellwood raised 1,000 boxes, with Myers leading the pack with 380; the high school had 323, and the Middle School collected 297.

All proceeds benefit the St. Vincent DePaul Food Pantry in Altoona.

“I was really impressed breaking 1,000 boxes. The people at the food pantry really appreciated it,” said Mr. FCA adviser Mr. Nick Lovrich.

Two weeks before the end of the drive, there were only 481 boxes collected.

“With Mini Thon and a Food Drive happening at the same time, the students stepped it up”,” said Mr. Nick Lovrich.

President Tanner Worthing agreed with the impact of having several charity drives going on at the same time, but was proud of the late push to get to 1,000.

“This may not be as many as before, but we did what we could,” he said. “Our school has been somewhat tapped out this year, so 1,000 boxes is truly amazing. That will feed many families, and that’s what Bellwood can do when it puts its mind and heart to not just one thing, but to many charitable events.”

The winning homeroom in high school, which will now receive a breakfast doughnut party, was Mr. Kerry Naylor’s with 70 boxes total. Following him was Ms. Alice Flarend with 61, Mr. Charles Burch with 45, Ms. Carrie Clippard with 15, and Mr. Tim VanScoyoc with 13.

In the middle school the honor of the winning homeroom was shared Mr. Jerry Farkus and Mr. Drew Moyer with 72; Mrs. Stephanie Kuhns ad 66, Mr. Tom Partner had 24, and Mrs. Sue Nycum had 15.

FCA officer Tina Hollen said the annual drive has once again contributed to B-A’s pride in taking on charitable responsibilities.

“I think it’s really cool what we do at Bellwood,” she said. “Two weeks ago we raised thousands of dollars for Four Diamonds, and now we have over 1,000 boxes of cereal for families in need. There were a lot of things going on, so we didn’t get as much as we usually do, but overall I’m really proud of what we accomplished.”

FCA members delivered the cereal boxes to the pantry Tuesday morning.

“On behalf of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes I would like to thank all of you for helping out with our cereal drive this year,” said Mr. Lovrich.