2COOL4SCHOOL: Braden Heisler


Kaelynn Behrens

Braden Heisler has flipped his love for shoes into a successful business.

2 Cool 4 School’s last installment features this years Valedictorian, Braden Heisler.

For a while now Braden has been buying and selling shoes as a way to make a profit. He says, “It’s sort of like the stock market. Buy low, sell high.”

Sneaker collecting has always been a hobby of his. Braden says he buys the shoes from retailers online or in the area. Then he sells them on sites like eBay.

While in high school, Braden was involved in many school clubs including French Club, Key Club,and  NHS. He also participated in track and field this spring.

In the fall, he played for the football team.

Braden has definitely impacted our school in great ways and we wish him luck in his future!