Fight on State or Hail to Pitt

B-A teachers battle over college rivalry game

Hannah Wicks, Staff Writer

Penn State and Pitt will go head to head at Heinz Field Saturday and continue their ongoing rivalry. Fans all across Pennsylvania are predicting the outcome and even making bets.

You may have noticed a certain pair of Bellwood-Antis teachers doing exactly that.

Ms. Carrie Clippard and Mr. Matthew Elder  decided to make a little bet concerning the game. If Penn State wins, Mr.Elder has to wear a Penn State jersey next week. On the other hand, if Pitt wins Ms. Clippard has to “rock” Mr. Elder’s “Pitt #1” foam finger on Monday.

On one side, there’s Mrs.  Clippard. As a former Penn State student and an alumnus of the famous Blue Band, she classifies herself as a diehard Penn State fan. Her opponent in this wager is Mr. Matthew Elder. Mr. Elder spent his college years studying at Pitt and now has his classroom covered in Panthers memorabilia.

When asked about how he would feel wearing Penn State attire, Mr. Elder said, “I think I might burst into flames. I haven’t worn anything Penn State-related since I was in second grade!”

However, Mr. Elder is pretty confident that Pitt has a good chance of winning.

I haven’t worn anything Penn State-related since I was in second grade!”

— Mr. Elder

“She’ll be wearing that foam finger, you’ll see,” he said. He also talked about Penn State’s decision to stop playing Pitt once the current series expires, saying “They are just too chicken to keep on playing us and that’s that.”

When Ms. Clippard was approached for an interview, she immediately asked, “Are you interviewing me about Mr. Elder’s wrongness?” Sounds like someone is positive her team will come out on top Saturday night. She even has a jar in her room labeled “Mr. Elder’s Tears.”

Ms. Clippard also responded to the idea that Penn State won’t be playing Pitt anymore. “We just need better teams to go against. They were just too easy and we need more of a competition,” she said.

Pay attention to the game on Saturday or just be on the lookout for Ms. C and Mr. Elder on Monday to see who won! We’ll have more on this developing story next week!