Myers Elementary holding Hat Day


Kerry Naylor

Mrs. Robin Miller has organized a Hat Day for St. Jude’s Hospital at Myers Elementary.

Jordyn Beam, Staff Writer

The Bellwood- Antis School District has always been an avid supporter of the research for childhood cancer.

Mrs. Robin Miller, a second grade teacher at Myers, was able to add on to that continued support with a $1 hat day for elementary school students and teachers.

Mrs. Miller has created a fun day for the kids where they can wear their favorite hat in exchange for a donation. All of the profits will go to the St. Jude’s Research Hospital. Mrs. Miller works a part time job at the Chili’s in Altoona, which has always been one of the biggest supporters of this campaign. She said she always sees her students at the restaurant and thought Bellwood would be the perfect place to carry on this fundraiser.

“I thought it would be extra special to do it at Bellwood because we do have people in our community affected by cancer,” said Mrs. Miller.

One of the most memorable members of the community afflicted with cancer was  Maddie Shura, who the elementary kids knew well. She died in 2017.

Mrs. Miller said from knowing Maddie the kids have a better understanding to the term “childhood cancer”. They can relate to it being someone that they went to school with.

“I think they have a special place in their hearts,” she said.

The overall goal for the St. Jude’s campaign is $8,000. The hat day is one event planned among a series of events to raise funds.