Just Junior: Miriam Hainzl


This year we had a wonderful addition to Bellwood’s student body! Miriam Hainzl is here through a sister city program. She is this week’s Just Junior! 

For Miriam to come to Bellwood, she took part in a competition which included students from multiple different schools in Austria. The prize for winning was a four week stay in Altoona, Austria’s sister city, to learn in a school of the county’s choosing. A group of students won and were split up in different schools across Blair county. 

Miriam is 16 years old and lives in a small city, St. Pōpten, with her mom, dad, cat and twin sister. There she enjoys playing volleyball and watching Netflix with her school friends and her family. 

After high school, Miriam wants to attended extra schooling in Vienna, the capital of Austria. She wants to study Mechanical Engineering! 

“Being in the US was so much fun and I’m so terribly sad to be leaving all of my new friends,” said Miriam.

She said she will miss all of her Bellwood friends so much, and the time she spent here will be a happy memory she will hold forever!