BA Wired for the Future

BA Wired for the Future

The Bellwood Antis School District was taking one giant leap into the future in 2008.

The Bellwood Antis School District was awarded an  $83,000 Classrooms of the Future (CFF) grant to purchase new smart boards and laptops for teachers and students to use in class. Pennsylvania was the first state that combined “smart” classroom and laptops.

The funds were also used to pay Ms. Jamie Forshey, who instructed and assisted the faculty to make sure teachers using the smart boards knew how to use them

Mr. Charlie Burch, a Bellwood Antis history teacher, stated, “At the minimum, it is a way to project power points and video streaming with a larger view.”

Along with Mr. Burch, a lot of the teachers really liked the smart boards in 2008.

Flash forward to 2016: B-A’s tech push went even further. The District went 1 to 1 with an iPad for every student in grades k-12.

Smartboards are still in the classrooms and used sparingly as now every teacher can project from devices onto the board, or share directly with students on their own iPads.