FAB FRESHMAN: Dallas Smithmyer


Connor Gibbons

Dallas Smithmyer made a big jump for his freshman year.

Dallas Smithmyer is a ninth grade student who should be in eighth grade, but he made the jump one grade for this school year.

High school has been different for Dallas.

“There’s a lot more class work and homework, but it’s not that harder.” he said

The transition wasn’t easy, he said

“It was hard to learn about the people in this class and make new friends,”said Dallas.

There’s no turning back now, and Dallas is okay with that.

“There’s a part of me that wants to go back because of my friends but I still see my friends here and there and the work isn’t that harder than 7th grade so no.”

His favorite teacher ever is Mr. Partner.

“He always talked about how I answered every question in his English class and he was really laid back and cool most of the time.”