Tune Talk: Willie’s Top 5 Depressing Songs That’ll Make You Cry

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

5. Drowning Lessons by My Chemical Romance
This song is about a man’s girlfriend. He can’t marry her because she died. He lives a life of crime, killing people every day. The lyrics are, “A thousand bodies piled up, I never thought would be enough to show you just what I’ve been thinking.” In order to be with his former girlfriend, he must kill 1,000 people to prove that he loves her and to get out of purgatory to be with her. He has killed so many people and he’s ashamed, he thinks the blood will never wash from his hands. He knows that he will never be able to marry his girlfriend’s so he wants to commit suicide. Once he has collected the 1,000 corpses to escape purgatory, he can join his girlfriend again, and they can laugh and celebrate together. Or so he thinks. This song is just so depressing and morbid in my opinion because after this man committed all of these crimes for no reason and committed suicide.

4. Sappy by Nirvana
This Nirvana hit isn’t exactly sad from its meaning, it’s more or so sad because this is the one of the final songs that Kurt Cobain had written before he was found dead in his home on April 5th, 1994. This song was solely about the position of a woman in the life of the 90’s and how they agree to go with the standard in reference to how men treat women. “They keep you in a jar, and you will make them happy,” as the lyrics state, meaning that men keep women in a jar and give them breathing holes to feel like they think that they are happy but in reality they aren’t because there is much more in the world they get presented or allow themselves to go through then if they had been a man. “They cover you with grass and you will make them happy,” because they cover you with clothes and then they’re happy because the man wants them for their eyes only.

3. Lonely Day by System of a Down
Although the song title speaks for itself, “Lonely Day” is actually about the life of lead guitarist and backup vocalist of System of a Down, Daron Malakian. The song itself is depressing, like the rhythm and the music itself is depressing rather than the meaning of the song itself. The lyrics in the song contain a double superlative that would make an English teacher shiver, “The most loneliest day of a my life,” which is suspected to show that Malakian of course was not the brightest kid in school. Malakian was indeed bullied throughout his middle school and high school years. The song talks about is solely about Malakian’s depression and anxiety disorders.

2. Then End of All Things by Panic! At the Disco
This song is more depressing for its tune rather than its meaning, like the number 3 spot on this list. Panic! At the Disco’s front man, Brendon Urie wrote this song about his wife. He told American Songwriter magazine that it was something he’d never recorded before. “It was a very honest and confessional song,” Urie stated. The tune is very dramatically slow with depressing lyrics of how he’s in love with his wife of course, “Whether near or far, I am always yours, any change in time, we are young again.” “Lay us down, we’re in love.”

1.Worlds Apart by Jars of Clay
This song is more for the Christian type of people. Of course seeing as how they’re a Christian rock band. Jars of Clay made one of their most depressing and meaningful tunes of all time on their “Jars of Clay” self-titled album. In this song, Dan Haseltine, lead singer of Jars of Clay, sings about how he and humans are the only ones to blame for how the world has gotten to be the way it is. Haseltine even asks in the song if Jesus really had to die for him. Haseltine even asked in the song if he could be the one to sacrifice. This song is more or so about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.