A Video Game for Action Lovers


Miranda Tornatore

For Honor is an action game about knights, vikings and samurai

If you like video games in which you can fight the enemy in a quest to gain more land, then For Honor would be a good pick for you.

Players start the game as a knight, and then play through the knight’s story until it’s completed. Then players begin a viking story to find out that the knight started a war after an  earthquake. After that, players start a samurai story to find out the knight named War restarted the war with the Black Stones, a group of knights. A war is a season, which lasts a month or longer . Once it’s over, it takes a up to three months for another war to start. The faction that wins the war gets armor parts, weapon parts, experience points and savage coins.        

There’s a basic edition of this game, but if you want more stuff to start with such as savage coins, you can play the Golden or Deluxe edition. There is also a multiplayer mode for this game.

If you like playing adventures, you should definitely try For Honor.