FAB FRESHMAN: Anna Lovrich


Courtesy photo

Anna Lovrich is a Bellwood dancer who is on scholarship at Grier School.

Freshman Anna Lovrich is an amazing dancer that puts 30 hours a week into dance at Grier.

She started dancing when she was 4 years old. Her mom put her in dance and something sparked. She doesn’t do any other dancing but Grier.

Anna used to dance at Andrea’s Dance Company, but she couldn’t do both. Anna dedicates her summer to dance at Grier summer and Point Park International Dance Intensive.

Anna has won many awards, including: Diamond for her solo, 3 half scholarships to Point Point, 4 full scholarships to Grier summer, and scholarships to JUNK, Lehrer Dance, Grier Reed, New Jersey Dance, Dance Works in Chicago, Perry Dance, and many more.

Anna currently spends part of her day at Bellwood-Antis completing academic subject work before going to Grier for afternoon dance classes.

After she graduates Anna would like to continue dancing professionally.