Tune Talk Album Review: Paramore After Laughter

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

Now I know that this album review is a bit late but I couldn’t just not do the review. So I’ve been listening to the album often lately and I’m officially ready to review it. Here we go.

Track 1: Hard Times
This song is the one that everyone knows whenever it comes to new Paramore. I know this may sound extremely cheesy but I’d say that this one is my favorite off the album, only because the style of the song itself just really gets your groove going. The guitar, the bass, the vocals, everything about this song is generally great.

Track 2: Rose-Colored Boy
This one was interesting whenever I watched the music video so I was caught off guard and didn’t really pay attention to the song itself so I tried the audio instead. Overall this song is like the first one, just in a minor key and that’s what really got me into this song too. This one isn’t as good as the first track but it’s still pretty good in my opinion.

Track 3: Told You So
I love it whenever a band allows the bass to speak out enough to where you can hear every instrument in a band. But this song really got me going with the combined bass coming out on its own as well as the fancy guitar playing with the vocals. This song is really good and I’d label it as my third favorite off the album.

Track 4: Forgiveness
As I kind of figured, this song is more of the slower ones of the album. It’s not drastically slow, so for all you guys that really love the faster paced songs, I guess you could say you could listen to this one. I wasn’t a fan of this one myself, not because of the tempo, just because of the way they went about the song. It’s not horrible but I wouldn’t say that it was necessarily good.

Track 5: Fake Happy
This one starts out with a faint Hayley Williams singing in the background and then kicks in with a classic piano riff which leads you into a tad bit faster tempo with the guitar and drums. Definitely would recommend along with the other two songs that I really loved on this album, I’d say this one is my 4th favorite off the album.

Track 6: 26
The one thing I want to know is if this song is about being at the age of 26. This song is slower than “Forgiveness,” and it actually has a cello playing in the background which I thought sounded really cool. Of course I would though seeing as how I loved Nirvana’s “Dumb,” which featured a cello on the album and they always had a cello with them whenever they played it live. Anyways, this song is actually pretty good for a slow song. I’d say this one is a good one to recommend.

Track 7: Pool
Nice and creepy jack in the box like sounds in the beginning, I liked it. I’ll admit. But what really sounded good was whenever they added in the distorted guitar in the background as well as the bass guitar. The rhythm of this song is the best part. I honestly thought this one sounded really good to, but that could just be me. I think the chorus could’ve been better but I don’t generally don’t know what I would do to change it.

Track 8: Grudges
I’m actually beginning to become concerned about these intros. Paramore is going full on pop. That is for sure and it’s actually a shame. This song wasn’t necessarily great but I can’t say it sounded absolutely horrible. I don’t even think that I could put this song in the middle, with the way this song portrayed a poor rhythm section as well as a poor chorus, this song wasn’t good.

Track 9: Caught in the Middle
Definitely my second favorite off this album. I don’t know what about it really got me into but I immediately began to love this song the instant I turned it on. This song definitely makes up for the last. The guitar really made me happy as well as the bass and the vocals. The drum kept a beautiful steady beat. Plus the lyrics really touch the teenage area if you know what I mean with weird feelings and whatnot.

Track 10: Idle Worship
This song is more like the last one, so of course I really liked it. The rhythm has definitely improved since the 8th track. This song has its own special background singers that really push their way out along with the bass once again. Beautiful.

Track 11: No Friend
Yet another song that lets the bass take over which I feel like helps the song really improve with the vocals, the guitar, and of course the drums. This song doesn’t actually have any lyrics, it’s just a back track of some man randomly talking. I couldn’t actually understand what the guy was saying but this song was like an instrumental almost as if it were like a Metallica song at the end of an album. Like “Damage Inc.”

Track 12: Tell Me How
I wasn’t a fan of this song. It was another slower one, so obviously I wouldn’t be a huge fan of the slow stuff. The song isn’t bad, just not something I would play on repeat. But I can say that this was a good song to end the album on.