Tune Talk: Top 3 Overrated Pop Punk/Rock Bands

Willie Williams , Staff Writer

3. Jimmy Eat World
Although they had one of the biggest classics of 2001, Jimmy Eat World’s hit became annoying once the radio just simply overplayed it. The song was “The Middle.” It’s a shame too because the song was actually about how the band was going through an all-time low and they needed their next album to be successful or else they wouldn’t be able to be a band anymore. Nobody generally liked or cared about them. They got their generic hit to top charts for about 2 or 3 days and that kept them alive. Unfortunately this song actually ruined their careers because a lot of people besides me are extremely tired of hearing the song. At the moment, they’re one of the bands that just sits in the corner and nobody notices them.

2. Maroon 5
I love how Maroon 5 STILL tries to call themselves rock. I know that the fans don’t call them rock because they clearly aren’t. But Maroon 5’s lead singer, Adam Levine, still believes that the band is still in the rock and roll phase. To be honest, whenever they were classified to be rock and roll in the first place, they were releasing their “Hands All Over” album in 2010. In case you don’t know, that’s the “Moves like Jagger” album. Anyways, Levine still firmly believes that the band is still rock and roll although their newest music is clearly pop. Their band is actually so badly hated that there’s a petition to get Maroon 5 out of playing the Super Bowl Halftime show this year. Hilarious. They honestly deserve all of this backlash for how much a jerk Adam Levine has been. Same guy that sued a gamer for creating an Adam Levine look alike in Guitar Hero.

1. Coldplay
Yeah, yeah I know. A lot of people are going to hate me for this one, but you have to believe me. Coldplay is one of the most overrated bands of all-time. Their fan base may seem big to you because you’re an actual fan. At least I’m assuming you are. But if you come to the outside, you’ll see all of the people that legitimately cannot stand hearing “Clocks” on the radio because it gives us a migraine. Myself included. Although this band classifies themselves as rock, they’re really not. Same situation as Maroon 5. These guys were never rock. They’re pretty much their own type of genre which is Post-Britpop and Pop Rock.