B-A implements new drop-off rules


Emma Chronister

Security officer Tim Mercer helps to direct traffic in the high school parking lot.

Mya Decker, Multimedia Editor

Recently, new traffic regulations have been  being enforced for students and parents arriving at the middle school and high school.

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, high school students were only allowed to enter at the flagpole entrance and the bus-port doors. This new drop off plan has now been implemented for middle school students, as well.

“The reason for the new plan is to enhance safety for our students and minimize our entrances because the morning is when we are most vulnerable,” said security officer Tim Mercer.

Prior to the new student drop-off procedure, middle school students were allowed to come in any open door, including three doors in the middle school and any open high school door.

BASD has released a map with directions for the new drop-off procedure.

That had to change, and Mercer said security, school principals, and members of the community collaboratively decided on having a plan resembling the Myers Elementary school drop off plan, where students have one open to enter the building.

The switch has caused some stir among students drivers, who now find the entrance points to the high school parking lot increasingly trafficked as middle school parents drop off their children. There is also increased traffic on Martin Street.

Senior Hannah Wicks, though she doesn’t park in the student parking lot, said, “I almost get hit by parents dropping off their kids because they are in a hurry. I get that they are trying to make it safer for students in the building, but its not safe for the students trying to get in the building.”

The two entrances the school district is now using have the most coverage from cameras and teachers posted inside the doors.

“We encourage parents to utilize the flagpole entrance and head out. Parents can not park in our drop off zones,”  said Mercer.

The reason for the new plan is to enhance safety for our students and minimize our entrances because the morning is when we are most vulnerable.

— Tim Mercer

Many are still learning to adjust but soon the school plans to have a steady flow of drop offs in the mornings.

“It’s a change and we don’t like change, but it’s for the safety of our students. We had to work out all the kinks before we set the plan into action,” said Superintendent Dr. Tom McInroy.