Stellar Staffulty: Mr. Trexler


Kaelynn Behrens

Mr. Trexler is this weeks Stellar Staff member.

Emma Chronister, Staff Writer

This month’s Stellar Staffulty is media center advisor Mr. Tim Trexler.

Mr. Trexler was a sixth grade teacher who was to work in the media center in 2017.

“The transition from sixth grade teacher to running the media center was an easy move. After teaching for 31 years, the change was attractive to me,” said Mr. Trexler. “It would give me chance to change it up little and try something new. I struggled with leaving my sixth grade team. You become close with those that you work with day in and day out for 30 years.”

Running the media center is a perfect job for Mr. T.

“I get to run the café, library. Run challenges and supervise the outdoor classroom,” he said.  “It’s allowed me to be creative in many ways. I still get to see students and interact with them too.”

The best part of the media center in Mr. Trexler eyes is that there are many things going on.

“Some students are in one corner working on a project together while others are completing homework. Then across the room there are friends playing a game of UNO and in the far corner I can see others working on the monthly challenge,” said Mr. Trexler.

Mr. T said that the media center is a different atmosphere, like a college HUB. You can eat, talk with friends, and still get your academics accomplished if you choose.

“It’s just a different environment. It’s difficult to know all the students when you have fifth to twelfth grade students,” said Mr. T. “I don’t know everyone and its not the same type of relationship that you have as a teacher and a student would have, but I think over time I’ll develop a rapport with some students.”

When asked about what the purpose of the media center Mr. Trexler said, “the media center is an inviting area where, collaborating, problem solving, and exploring are welcomed and encouraged.”