Fab Freshman:Sophia Nelson


Sophia Nelson was picked to be our Fab Freshman this week. Sophia’s freshman year has been pretty good.


Some of her accomplishments of her freshman year are:

-Being Basketball State Champions

-Being in honors classes

-Starting in the varsity soccer games.


Sophia also does activities outside and inside of school “ outside of school i do 2 soccer leagues,basketball, and youth group. “Inside of school I do track, my events are 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, and long jump,”


Sophia really likes school, her favorite teacher is Mrs. Stinson “Mrs. Stinson has really helped me improve and offers me help outside of class.”

“I have really enjoyed freshman year, and I have gotten closer to many people. Some of my favorite memories were going to Myrtle Beach with the basketball team, winning states, civics with my friends, and hanging out with my friends.   


When asked some of her closest friends this is what some of them said about fia.

“Sophia is a special person, she is extremely smart and caring. She always helps her friends in need and always has a smile on her face.” said freshman Jaidyn McCracken.

“Sophia has always been really determined,and always has a good attitude towards anything that she encounters. It it’s great being her friends because she shows me how to overcome every obstacle I face.” said freshman Jayce Miller