Sensational Sophomore: Lauren Young


Lauren Young is this weeks sensational sophomore! Throughout high school, she has maintained high grades, dance, leadership, and being a great friend and student!

“Lauren is a friend that you always want around. She’s there for you through everything and she listens,” said Attie Poorman.

Lauren is currently ranked first in the sophomore class and she works very hard to maintain her high grades.

“I always make time to study in between my other activities,” said Lauren.

Lauren is also always willing to help other students.

“She is a friend that is always the kindest and smartest person in the room,” said Alex Taylor.

Lauren’s favorite subject in school is math because she finds it challenging.

Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Stinson.

“She is very positive and caring towards all of her students,” said Lauren.

Mrs. Taylor has made the biggest impact on Lauren because she helped her learn math in a different way and she also got Lauren started in speech league.

Lauren also participated in leadership of Blair County Youth (LBCY).

“LBCY has been my favorite part of sophomore year because I got to make a lot of new friends,” said Lauren.

Through LBCY, Lauren got to travel to different places in Blair County to learn about the community. She was taught how to be a servant leader.

Lauren doesn’t plan on slacking the last few weeks of school. Two things she wants to accomplish are keeping her grades up and practice driving.

Lauren is also a dancer. She has danced since she was four and she currently takes Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, and Hip-Hop.

Outside of school Lauren likes to dance, play video games, walk her dogs, and hang out with friends.

Over the summer, Lauren plans on babysitting and travelling to Las Vegas.

“Lauren is a very kind, thoughtful, and conscientious student and person. I’m very excited to have her class again next year! She’s a keeper,” said Senora Smith.