Bellwood-Antis cafeteria staff awarded


Corbin Nale

Cafeteria workers (l to r) Deb Rhoades, Krista Spiker, Brandi Mercer, Nancy McFarland-Hostler, and Pam Gray received a $100-dollar reward last week.

Malia Danish, Staff Writer/Photographer

Last week, the Bellwood-Antis cafeteria staff had a visit from executives from The Nutrition Group, the company responsible for food services at Bellwood-Antis. 

Jessica Anzelone, the managing director of the food group, and Nancy Kohl, the company president, were very impressed with the staff, food quality, and how much passion the staff had for their jobs. 

As a result, the cafeteria staff was rewarded each with a crisp $100 bill.

“The cafeteria ladies were shocked and completely surprised by this,” said the Director of Food Services at B-A, Taylor Danko.

Mrs. Deb Rhoades, who works in the cafeteria, said the award was a surprise for everyone.

“They said once they heard our story, tried our food, and met us, they had to give it to us,” Mrs. Rhoades said. “We were all very shocked.”

The reward was part of the MomentsMatter initiative.

MomentsMatter is a corporate-wide initiative to embrace opportunities throughout the day to make a difference for those around us.  This program awards those who have gone above the call of duty, and is meant to show the districts that they are more that food service.  It shows that they are a part of the community and truly care for those they serve.