New officers for the Chess Club


2019-2020 Chess Club officers: Caden Poe-Secretary Caroline Nagle-Vice President Landon Bungo-President

The Chess Club for Bellwood-Antis has selected officers for their club. The officers are Landon Bungo as king (president). Caroline Nagle as queen (vice-president). Caden Poe as bishop (secretary). The advisor is Mr. Goodman.

“Being the king is banging,” said Landon Bungo.

The chess club meets every other activity period. “I feel like Landon is very excited to be king. The goal this year is to get as much people who want to learn or play to join the club,” said Mr. Goodman. 

Every spring there’s a chess tournament. Zion Poe won the last two tournaments.

“My goal as king is to make sure no chess member is ever left out,” Landon Bungo said.