Corbin Nale

Class presidents for 2019-2020 include (l to r): Jake Bollinger, Evan Frye, and Breezy Bennett. Missing was Cooper Keen.

Alyson Partner, Staff writer

 Last month, Bellwood-Antis High school students voted for who they wanted to be their class officers. In each grade (9th-12th) there were 4 students selected for class officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The 9th and 11th grade class also had girls social chair and boys social chair.

The groups have big plans for the year.

The 12th grade class officers are President Evan Frye, Vice-President Allison Campbell, Secretary Jamyson Focht, and Treasure Olivia Mussleman.

“I want to plan something fun,” said Frye, who will now speak at commencement in June. “I want my speech to be memorable, but not long and boring.”

The 11th grade class officers are President Jake Bollinger, Vice-President Joe Dorminy, Secretary Kaitlyn Dickinson, Treasure Sicily Yingling, Boys Social Chair Zach Miller, and Girls Social Chair Lauren Heisler. Eleventh grade is responsible for prom planning.

“It’s definitely a step up going from vice-president last year to president,” said Bollinger. “There’s a lot of pressure getting ready for prom, so my main goal is to have a good prom.”

The 10th grade class officers are President Cooper Keen,Vice-President Caedon Poe, Secretary Brandon Cherry, and Treasure Sean Mallon.

“I want to do something that hasn’t been done before,” said Keen, who was the ninth grade vice-president last year,”something that hasn’t been done before and combines the community and the school.”

The 9th grade class actually ended up having seven officers because there was a tie for secretary. The seven class officers are President Tabrizia Bennett, Vice-President Olivia Gregg, Secretary Dylan Andrews and Ava Miller, Treasurer Caleb Beswinger, Boys Social Chair Eli Pluebell, and Girls Social Chair Lydia Worthing.