The Bellwood Bios with Jojo Caswell


Courtesy photo

Jo Jo Caswell spends her time fund raising for The Door.

Renee VanProoyen and Malia Danish

Jojo Caswell, who has been attending the door since 2017, is very involved with The Door fundraising.

The Door is a nonprofit organization located on mainstreet in Bellwood. It is an after school program for teens 5th-12th grade where they are fed dinner and can come and go as they please. The Door is ran by Seth Melhorn and Dawe Taylor.

Jojo has done buck-a-bucket where they asked for donations and cleaned up the community. She raised 997 dollars from this fundraiser alone.

Jojo also participated in boscoves friends helping friends fundraiser.

These fundraisers help The Door pay for their summer and winter retreats and camp funds. 

“It helps me pay for camp and for me it makes me feel good that I am helping a non profit organization that has made an impact on my life,” said Caswell.

Jojo has benefitted from her work and fundraising because it  shows her how to do her part in a family environment.

Jojo says, “Fundraising has shown me how a salesman/woman works in their environment and it also teaches me people skills.”