Kaelynn Behrens

Alex Roberts has music in his genes, with talented parents setting the tone.

In this installment of 2 Cool 4 School, Alex Roberts shares with us his love for what seems to be a family tradition: music. Since Alex was little, he always aspired to emulate his family, which had a natural love of music.

His father and mother both shared the talent for instruments and music, leading Alex to be passionate about percussion and teaching himself how to play the guitar. Alex learned to play his instruments by starting percussion lessons in the fifth grade. He has been in school band ever since.

Alex spends some of his own time teaching himself the guitar, too. He said, “learning to play the guitar is still a work in progress.” Alex expresses that music was, “always something that he looked up to doing,” from watching his family for years.

On top of his love of music, Alex enjoys playing soccer. Not only is it one of Alex’s hobbies, but it is a sport that he seeks out for relaxation and fun. Some other hobbies of Alex’s are reading, writing, hunting, and singing. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends when he has some down-time.

Alex is such a busy kid. We are lucky to have someone so talented in the school district!