Why is it so hard to keep new year resolutions?


Corbin Nale

Everyone has big plans after New Years, but keeping resolutions can be difficult.

Kyra Markey, staff writer

Many people make New Year resolutions. But how many people actually follow through?

It’s easy to make a list of things you want to accomplish. It’s another thing if you accomplish those goals. More than 80% of people fail to achieve their New Year resolutions. That leaves only 20% of people to actually stay committed. 

“My New Year’s resolution is to quit drinking caffeinated beverages, particularly sodas. It’ll be hard the first week when the caffeine headache is in full force,” said Bellwood-Antis science teacher Mr. Jon Goodman.  

I have given up on resolutions because I lose the motivation and run out of energy. You get tired of doing the same thing.”

— Emilie Leidig

Some people don’t make resolutions because they find them too difficult to keep. 

“I have never given up on a resolution because I never started one. Resolutions are too hard to keep so I don’t make them,” said senior Macy Decker.

Sometimes when your willpower is tested, you can either give in or not. Most people give in. After 30 days, only 8% accomplish their New Year’s goals. 

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend less time on my phone. It’s extremely hard to follow through with because there are so many apps on my phone that I can’t stay off of. Plus, every notification tempts me more and more to get back onto my phone,” says sophomore Jaidyn McCracken.

“I have given up on resolutions because I lose the motivation and run out of energy. You get tired of doing the same thing,” said senior Emilie Leidig.

In most cases, the main reason why people give up on their resolutions is because of time management or giving up too easily. Even if most some people stick to it, they most likely lose their motivation in mid-February. 

“I have not given up on my resolution yet. My resolution is to cut out sugars,” said senior travis Luensmann.

A lot of people write out resolutions and forget about them.

“My New Year’s resolution is to find the good in things. Everything is hard before it is easy. It’s sometimes difficult when we don’t see results quickly. When your motivation dwindles your resolution becomes harder to keep,” said media center manager Mr. Tim Trexler.