After School Snacks: Healthy or Not?


Rylie Andrews

7th grader Briley Campbell enjoys eating strawberry NutriGrain bars as an after school snack.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, kids that come home from school hungry may ruin their appetites by snacking too much or eating foods that have no/negative nutritional benefits. Despite the proven studies against unhealthy snacking, many kids still choose after school snacks that do not benefit them. I decided to ask some BAMS students what their go-to after school snack was. Here’s what they had to say:

First, I asked Mackenzie Weber what was her go-to after school snack? She replied, “Chocolate chip muffins. I love them so much. I heat them up in the microwave for 30 seconds, no more. Because if you do it more, then it burns. Then I like to put a little bit of butter on them. I also drink it with a glass of lemonade.”

Next, I spoke with Ryan Marinak and asked the same question. He responded, “Probably a granola bar.”

Then I talked with Jalynn Partner who said, “Usually when I go home, I go straight to waffles with syrup and whipped cream.”

Finally, I questioned Briley Campbell, and she explained, “Breakfast bars, which is weird for the middle of the day. I like strawberry NutriGrain bars. I eat them with water. I like LaraBars too. I have lactose intolerance so I don’t have many options.”

In conclusion, according to the research, some BAMS students unfortunately have unhealthy snacking habits. So my recommendation is the next time you choose an after-school treat, go with the healthy option for a healthier life!