Teacher Feature- Mr. McNaul


“It doesn’t just take hard work. You need to work smart to succeed. If you work hard, but not smart, you can fall off the path leading to the goal you want to achieve.”

-Mr. McNaul


History might not be everyone’s favorite subject, but Mr. Matthew McNaul has been doing a good job at keeping B-A students interested for the past four years. He has tons of great teaching methods from videos to articles and even heated debates.

An important question is why did you choose this career? What made you want to lead this life? He responded with, “I wanna help kids realize the importance of civics and history in their lives.”

Do you want to continue this? Any plans for the future? Mr. McNaul said that he wants to help show the future generations the impact they can have in their community and how they have to chance to make a difference, to make their communities better.

There’s lots to love about the Bellwood-Antis community, but does anything stick out? Mr. McNaul told us that, “I love my colleagues, and the kids are fantastic. The community really supports the educational systems, all of the puzzle pieces fit perfectly.”