This week our Artist of the Week is Abi Orona. Abi Orona is a senior whose passion revolves around her artwork and her singing voice. I have asked Abi a few questions about how art has inspired her and how it has become her passion.

BLUEPRINT: What inspires you to make your specific art pieces?

Abi Orona: I am inspired by the lack of representation in popular artworks.

BLUEPRINT: What does your art mean to you?

Abi Orona: I really enjoy drawing people from under represented groups. Growing up, I was always confused as to why I didn’t look like the girls in the books I read or cartoons I watched. I want to change that. 

BLUEPRINT: How has your practice changed over time?

Abi Orona: I used to try to draw realistically, but came to realize that just wasn’t my style.

BLUEPRINT: What is your favorite piece of artwork you have done?

Abi Orona: I drew a pride month themed drawing on an Indian girl and her African girlfriend. It is just really cute.

BLUEPRINT: Lastly, why is art your passion?

Abi Orona: I have always searched for a healthy coping mechanism, art became that for me. I use it to express things that words cannot.