Zach Miller

Mrs. Riddle helps a student in one of her math classes.

The Feature Teacher for this week is Mrs. Kristeen Riddle. Mrs. Riddle is a teacher at Bellwood-Antis High School who teaches Algebra 1B, Consumer Math, CHS Probability and Statistics, and Algebra 1. Mrs. Riddle also helps with fundraising as the  sophomore class advisor. The BluePrint asked Mrs. Riddle some questions about how she teaches math here at Bellwood-Antis and why she enjoys teaching here. 

BLUEPRINT: Can you describe your teaching style?

Mrs. Riddle: I mostly teach math as a guided lecture through either notes or PowerPoint and I use several examples to teach students new algebraic or statistical concepts in my classes.

BLUEPRINT: What do you do if you notice that a student was struggling to grasp the concept?

Mrs. Riddle: I usually work one-on one with the students when they are working on guided practice in class. If I see a large majority of students struggling with a particular concept, I bring the class together again as a whole and do at least 1-2 more examples of the problems that seem to be challenging.

BLUEPRINT: How do you usually maximize classroom participation?

Mrs. Riddle: I have been using technology for several years now. In my Algebra classes I use a program called Get More Math that is an online platform for mathematical practice and I can see what students are working on live in the classroom. I also use Quizziz, an online site which I use to review math concepts before I give a written quiz or test in class. Students seem to be very active in participating in both of these forms of math technology. 

BLUEPRINT: What do you consider the toughest aspect of teaching math?

Mrs. Riddle: Students tend to struggle to retain mathematical concepts if they do not use or practice the skills often enough, which is a major reason why I like to use Get More Math because after students practice a new skill for about 5-10 minutes in class, I push the students Mixed Review where the students need to earn “points” for daily and/or weekly goal and this program helps with retention of material based on the way it is designed because the mixed review section includes all of the content that was taught throughout the year.

BLUEPRINT: Lastly, what is your favorite thing about teaching here at Bellwood-Antis High School?

Mrs. Riddle: I love teaching in Bellwood because of the aspect of the community. I went to school in a much larger district and I feel like I get to know my students better in a smaller school. I have also met and enjoy working with many of my colleagues who I now call friends. We collaborate on a daily basis on what is working in our classrooms and we also discuss areas of need when they arise. I wouldn’t want to be working anywhere else. Although I do not live in the district, I feel like I can call Bellwood-Antis “home.