Poetry Slam returns with four winners


Emalee Strong

Vince Cacciotti delivers his award-winning poem at the poetry slam.

Four B-A poets earned awards at the poetry slam last week.

The poetry slam returned retuned this year after a two year hiatus. the audience was  smaller because of social distancing.

Vince Cacciotti took first in individual in his first year in the competition; Haley Campbell was first in humorous. Caroline Nagle and Alex Taylor were first in the duo category.

” I am really proud not only of the kids who participated but those small groups who came to be in the audience. This event has been a special part of the BA experience for 15 years, and it’s a tradition this years poets upheld extremely well,” explained Mr. Kerry Naylor, the organizer of the the poetry slam.

In all, more than 25 poets took part in the event, which was attended by about 65 students. The audience was small compared to normal years when the entire student body attends, but it was still a good experience for those participating.

“I had wanted to do the poetry slam since freshman year and sophomore year I even had one ready to do with Hope Shook, but it got cancelled. Winning the duo category at the poetry slam was the highlight of my year,”  said duo winner Caroline Nagle.

Cacciotti did a poem about 10 things about COVID. Campbell did a poem about 12 years of school.

Nagle and Taylor did a poem about concussions.