Feature Teacher: The mysterious Mr. Moyer


Halee Young

Mr. Moyer’s easy demeanor has made him a popular teacher among middle school students.

Mr. Drew Moyer, the most mysterious math teacher you’ll ever meet. He teaches with a nonchalant, witty personality, and the relaxed atmosphere of his classroom makes for a great learning environment.

However, interviewing Moyer was a difficult task. When pushed for the return of a questionnaire from the BluePrint, he claims, “Of course I didn’t get them done, do you know how many kids I have?” I eventually received to answers to my questions… Four days later.

Students in eighth grade have a high level of energy and are often great participants in class.

— Mr. Moyer

Mr. Moyer has always had a passion for STEM, which may be one reason he says that math has always been his favorite subject in school. He appreciates the logic and problem-solving aspect of the subject the most. Not surprisingly, he says if he wasn’t teaching math, he’d be still working in a STEM field utilizing his skills and interests.

Mr. Moyer, who has taught at B-A for 8 years, came here to be close to family. “My wife and I were beginning our own family and also looking to help take care of some family members with health needs,” Mr. Moyer said.

He enjoys teaching eighth grade because “students in eighth grade have a high level of energy and are often great participants in class.” He also enjoys seeing the growth in both students’ mathematical skills.

Life isn’t all math for Moyer, though. In his spare time he works odd jobs like landscaping and spending time with his kids.

One thing most students may not know is Mr. Moyer is a dedicated member of the Bellwood-Antis Education Association, the union representing B-A teachers. He believes that “teachers are the district employees that interact most with the students, so it’s important for teacher’s voices to be heard when the district is considering new programs.”

When asked “What’s a little known fact about you?” He responded with “Most of them.”

There you have it, now you know slightly more information then before. Enough to make a substantial article, but not enough to be incriminating. Just as he intended.