CHALKED UP: Weightlifting versus powerlifting


Gracie Rice

Gracie Rice discusses diet and women in weight lifting in this week’s blog.

Welcome back to, Chalked Up. Today’s blog is all about the difference between powerlifting and weightlifting and my weightlifting goals.

At DSP we are weightlifters. Most people call the two sports powerlifting and think they’re the same thing but in reality they’re not. Powerlifting consists of back squat, deadlift, and bench press while weightlifting is snatch, clean, and jerk. Powerlifters are trying to develop maximal strength for heavy weight and slow motions. Weightlifters on the other hand are trying to develop strength, power, and need to move heavy weight fast. We work to develop speed-strength (greatest possible impulse in shortest time possible). So although they sound similar, there is a difference.

All my training is prepping me for my long term goal, to end up in the Olympics. But before that I want to make the Pan American team. A short term goal is to compete well in Maryland and after that medal at 2022 Nationals in Las Vegas.

This is all part of a bigger goal. Continue following my weightlifting journey by reading these weekly blogs!