CHALKED UP: A Week of Training


Gracie Rice

Gracie Rice discusses diet and women in weight lifting in this week’s blog.

Welcome back to Chalked Up. This week’s blog is about what a week of training looks like for me and some other girls on my team.

Currently we’re on week six of an eight-week cycle. This cycle focuses on what each person needs to work on or improve. Some of my friends on the team have some different drills or lifts in their workout, but we usually have the same accessories. In a few weeks, on December 20, we will start a four-week meet prep. This is to prepare us for our meet in Pittsburgh on January 15th.

After school ends at 2:53 every day I go out as a walker and Cohen and I get picked up by either my aunt, pap, or dad. We usually get to the gym around 3:30. I then start doing my warmups with Red. Warmups help to be sure were ready to lift heavy rather than rushing and getting injured.

To start a workout, we usually have a primer. Due to the cycle being programmed to improve each person individually not everyone has the same.

After the primer we do whatever, lift is programed for that day. This is usually doubles or triples at lighter weight.

For snatch focused cycles every Monday we have Snatches. These snatches usually involve pulls before a snatch from the ground or from a hang. Some days feel harder than others, but you know its making you better.

Tuesdays we have cleans. Sometimes it’s nice to focus on just clean and not a jerk as well. I feel like my cleans have been feeling better since we’ve gotten this day for just cleans.

Wednesdays we have jerks. The jerk day is helpful because I know my jerk needs work and this day improves it.

Thursday’s most of our rest days. This day is important because it makes sure we get a break and aren’t over working.

Fridays are snatches and clean and jerks. These days are important because in a meet you do all three lifts so it’s good to practice them like this.

Last, Saturday we snatch again. I like how we start and end with snatches. Snatches can be difficult and it’s good to improve the lift to help boost your confidence while doing it.

Personally, my favorite day is Friday. This is my favorite because we do all lifts, I really get to focus on both the clean and the jerk together, and sometimes Red, Sarah, Laney, Mary, and I will have a sleepover so we can go to our early morning lift on Saturday together. This improves how the five of us work as a team and keeps the gym environment healthy and fun. Although you lift by yourself on a meet platform team is still important. Personally, I enjoy our current cycle and I am excited for our next!

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