CHALKED UP: Weightlifting Dropped after the 2024 Olympics


Gracie Rice

Gracie Rice discusses diet and women in weight lifting in this week’s blog.

This week’s blog is more about my team’s and my opinion on weightlifting being dropped after the Paris 2024 Olympics.

In the first Olympics in 1896, there were only 9 sports, weightlifting being one of them.

Over the summer of 2021, The New York Times stated, “After decades of rampant doping, bribery, vote-rigging and corruption at weight lifting’s highest levels, the International Olympic Committee finally took action last year by threatening to drop the sport from the Games in the coming months if the International Weightlifting Federation does not introduce a host of fixes, including rigorous drug testing measures and governance reforms.”

At this time numbers of participators were cut once again to help with costs.

On December 13th, it was decided that weightlifting and boxing will not be on the program after the Paris Olympics in 2024, and will be replaced with skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing.

Many lifters, young and old, have dreams of making it to the Olympics and lifting on an Olympic platform. Even though weightlifting could return in the Olympics, it’s crazy to think that as of now its being removed.

Makayla Cogan, also known as, Red said, “I feel Olympic weightlifting should not be dropped from the Olympics. The activities that are replacing it are not sports in my opinion. Although there are still Pan-Ams and worlds, nothing will compare to the Olympics. Some lifters have become so close to being able to go to the Olympics, and they’ll never get that chance to go now. Whether you go or not, it’s still fun to watch and I always look forward to watching the USA Olympians compete.”

I agree with everything she said. I love watching better weightlifters lift and then try to apply it to my lifts. Although, there are Pan Ams and Worlds, the Olympics was just another small part of the sport that made it so great.

My Coach, Fred Dorman, said, “IWF (international weightlifting federation) has a history of being corrupt and has been caught avoiding drug testing requirements from WADA and IOC. This is the IOC’s push for the IWF to reform and vote in a new board. They have the ability to be a sport in 2028 LA Olympics if they follow the reform requirements by 2023. My feelings are that there WILL be weightlifting in the Olympics in 2028.”

Hopefully there will be weightlifting in the 2028 Olympics! Continue reading these weekly blogs to keep up with my weightlifting journey.