Fab Freshman: Macy Cherry


Victoria Jenkins

Macy Cherry is this week’s Fab Freshman.

Freshman, Macy Cherry, has been going to Bellwood Antis since kindergarten. She participates in renissance club and plays volleyball. She likes renissance because its a good way for her and her friends to have fun and still participate in school activities. During her free time she watches netflix.

Although she likes many of her teachers her favorite teacher has to be Mrs. Stinson. She enjoys the way which she teaches and environment of her classroom.

Macy thinks the biggest difference between high school and middle school is that you get to be around a more diverse group of people, and that’s one of the reasons she has enjoyed her transition.

If Macy could change one thing about Bellwood she says she would change the start time since she doesn’t like to wake up early. While she also says she likes the water bottle filling stations and the classes that are available here at Bellwood.