Hide and seek is a official PIAA spring sport


Kimmy Bennett

If you can spot Aarron Laird, talk to him about joining the new hide and seek team.

Julius Diossa

If you have ever thought about doing a high school sport but you didn’t think you were athletic enough, lucky you .It was announced on March 3, that the PIAA had a  vote to come up with a new sport that doesn’t involve any athletic ability.

Starting March 29,2022 the PIAA  be offering competitive hide and seek. The greatest thing about this new sport is more than only athletic people can play the sport.

Some of the rules are you must be able to hide and you must be able to seek. Teams will draw from a bag to find out if they are a hider or a seeker. Each team must consist of at least 8 players because you need 4 hiders and 4 seekers. The most important thing is you receive a map of the school’s property and you must hide on side school premises.

If you would like to sign up, make sure you find the team captain Aarron Laird, the best hide and seeker ever known in high school history. Good luck finding him; this is your first assignment.

The BA school district really needs participants so make sure you sign up by March 28 if you want to be a part of the most intense and adrenalin rushing sport there ever was known in Bellwood-Antis school district history.