FAB FRESHMAN: Tanner Swogger


Halee Young

Tanner Swogger is a Fab Freshman.

Tanner Swogger is in 9th grade at BAHS. He plays both baseball and football, but he’s a bowler at heart.

During his free time, Tanner enjoys bowling. He says, “I got a strike once in bowling,” when asked about any accomplishments.

Outside of school Tanner sleeps. He says it gives him a good break from all the “VOLT lifting” and bowling he does.

Of all the teachers here at Bellwood, his favorite is Mr. McNaul. Tanner says, “He seems like he could bowl a 300.”

Tanner wishes there was a bowling club, but because there’s not, he does not participate in any clubs. His favorite thing about Bellwood is that it is only 20 minutes away from Holliday Bowl. If he could change one thing about BAHS he would change the facts that there is no bowling club.

Tanners excited for the end of the year, but not for reasons you may think. “Yes, Robbie Kenner promised me Taco Bell after the school year ends,” Tanner says. Of course he’s also excited to have more time to bowl.